Anyone who dare incurs my wrath will be punished!!

—Kai's declaration

Jin Sen Kai ((ちん)(せん)(かい)), shortly known as "Kai". Is a character in Future Card Buddyfight!! Beyond. Based on my real identity. His buddy is "Purgatory Knights, Death Sickle Dragon"


Kai is a hyper man. But unlike other hyper person, he also has Asperger Syndrome, causing him to be short tempered, vengeful and violent. However, on normal occasion, he can be either cold and serious or bright and cheerful. He is also caring for someone close to him, and can be cunning from time to time like Davide Yamazaki.

As "Zarc", he is cold, collected and quietly ruthless. He fight viciously while remaining a normal tone, and does not move much.

His personal pronoun is the rarely used "(われ)" (Ware), and the more common "(わたし)" (Watashi) as Zarc.


Significantly above average height and weight. He has short black hair and pitch black eyes. Egg-shaped head. His attire consists of white plain white T-Shirt and black long pants, tied with a black belt. And a black shoes. Very plain.

While working for Disaster, his outfit gains a black cloak and black razor to obscure his identity.

His core gadget is a spear, however, unlike Rouga Aragami's, Kai's is a plain long, silver spear. He also possess a dark core gadget after he joined the Disaster, under the alias "Zarc" (ザーク Zāku)

When he uses the Future Force or Disaster Force, no visual change can be seen except he emits a white blue or black red aura when he uses Future or Disaster Force, respectively.



He is first shown holding a Magic World card "Artificial Angel, Virginie Casta", complaining that why's this Magic World card came into his possession. He then notices a girl around his age in a card shop, and walks up to her as he notices the Buddy Rare card "Purgatory Knights, Death Sickle Dragon". He then walks up to her and ask her if she's using Magic World or not, to which she told Kai she is a Magic World User. Kai then offer to trade his Buddy Rare for her, telling her about his Magic World Buddy Rare. In which she accept the offer. Kai and the girl is then visited by the Buddy Police Tasuku Ryuenji, and both are given core deck case. Kai the try to "Luminize" it, and the core case transform into a plain, long, silver spear. And a strange phenomenon caused his "Dragon World" flag to turn into "Random World".

Right after that, Kai challenges Tasuku to a buddy fight. After a fierce fight, Kai loses, but his will is so strong that it convince Tasuku to give him "Gargantua Punisher!!", "Dragonic Punisher", and 2 blank cards. After he received those cards, "Gargatua Punisher" and "Dragonic Punisher" lose their artwork.

Right after his fight against Tasuku, he is challenged by Kenta Zakoyama, who is jealous of him receiving "Gargantua Punisher!!", in which Kai accepts the offer. After Kenta takes his first turn. Kai starts off by using his buddy to take out the center and "Dragonblade, Dragobrave" and "Steel Fist, Dragoknuckle" to inflict severe damage. Kenta then uses "Bold Retaliation" to set up his offense. After the violent assault of Danger World that brings Kai down to 2 life, Kai managed to draws "Gargantua Punisher" and "Dragonic Charge" via "Dragonic Resupply". He then use both cards in tandem to defeat Kenta.

After the fight, the "Gargantua Punisher!!" he just used gained its artwork - With Kai featured on it. Kai is then caught in conversation with Sei'ei, in which she introduces herself, and ask to be friend with each other.

Kai then watches Sei'ei's match against Kazane Kujimiya.

Buddy Police Registration

One week after he received his core deck, the Buddy Police opened the registration for anyone to become a "Buddy Police Youth" to honor the Buddy Police Youth's fight against Yamigedo. But Unlike Sei'ei, Kai is not interested in become one of them. But he congratulates everyone who passed the test. He is then crossed by his enemy, who badly insulted him. This prompt Kai to initiate the Future Force to badly injure his enemy. This cause the Buddy Police to came and arrest Kai for being a criminal, taking away his core deck and buddy. But due to Sei'ei's request, he can keep his blank cards.

In his prison cell, he is visited by Kyoya Gaen, who has been looking over him since he gets his buddy and Core Deck. Kyoya planned to turns Kai into one of his pawn, but never thought that it'll be this soon. Kyoya made a deal with Kai that, If he works for Disaster, he can have his freedom, Dark Core Deck Case and a new deck, at the cost of being under Kyoya's command. Kai quickly accepts the offer, but he adds that he would do as he like as long as it's in shadow, to which Kyoya allows. Kyoya then tells Elf that, his "friend" accepted his offer, and ordered Elf to free Kai and quickly takes Kai away. 

After arriving at Disaster's hideout, Kai is presented before Gremlin, and he is given a Purgatory Knights Deck that Tasuku Ryuenji, as the Purgatory Knight, used, with a Dark Core Deck. His blank cards then glow with a black, red aura and transform into the card "Demonic Punisher!!" and "Final Death Punisher!!". Gremlin told Kai that he will add the created card to Kai's deck, but Kai refused, and tells Gremlin that he can build his own deck and Gremlin can help out by being a Tuner, Much to Gremlin's annoyance. He is also given a black cloak and a black visor. Kai also named himself "Zarc", as per the name of the antagonist in his favorite anime "Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V".

After he broke out of his prison, the Buddy Police is in a hurry to capture him back. Just as the news announces that the second Gaen Cup - Gaen Cup II will take place. As "Zarc" watches the new in the shadow of a building, in a narrow street behind several buildings, he is interested in the tournament, and decided to enter it. He then heads to the Buddy Police HQ, and wait until it got dark, sneak in, using the power of Disaster Force with "Midnight Shadow" to get in undetected by sight. After sneaking in for a while, he finally reached where his buddy card and deck is Kept. He then sneaked into it only to trigger an alarm trap. As the guards are closing in, he takes several buddy cards, and fleed in the shadow.

After reaching the hideout in one piece, Zarc is scolded by Kyoya for acting to reckless, but he reminds Kyoya that all was in the shadow. So Kyoya lets this slip by.

Gaen Cup II

As the day of the Gaen Cup II draws near, kai managed to built a deck, but he felt anxious about it, so he goes to Gremlin and ask for his advice on the new deck. Gremlin then answered that is it "Bit too offensive, but it is actually fine".

While walking back to his room, Kai and Death Sickle came acorss a man in black, and their buddy glares at each other, as if reuniting with their old enemy.

On the first day of the tournament. "Zarc" is paired against Kenta Zakoyama. Who, this time, goes first and get a splendid start of 5 damage with "Drill Bunker!!". Zarc, however, does not waver, and counterattack using his "Purgatory Knights Leader, Demios Sword Dragon" and his "Kanonas Kathartherio" to reduce Kenta's Life to 2. Seeing a winning chance as Kai is left with only card in his hand, Kenta declare his turn, only to be told that it's not yet as Kenta is struck with Zarc's Spear and his life became 0.

During the second round, Zarc almost have no problem against the Magoroku Shido's Death monsters. Although Shido managed to block his center and combile it with Shadow Dive, Zarc used his new Impact "Demonic Punisher!!" to finish Shido off even before he notices it.

After the match, Zarc decided to go outside, but his promise with Kyoya caused him to stay in shadows. Scythe asked to leave for a while, and came back with a small, orange dragon with something pinned in its chest. The small dragon introduced itself to be "Dragon of the Sun, Bal Dragon", with Scythe explaining what's going on. After a while, Gao Mikado appears, tired from looking for Bal all over the place, came to found Bal with Zarc. Bal told Gao that the big scary grey dragon saved him, and the cloaked man keeps him safe, so Gao and Bal expressed some grace. Kai is given the Impact Monster card "Purgatory Knights Super Soldier, Death Sickle "Overlord" ". Zarc thanks Gao and Bal as he leaves.

Gaen Cup II Finals

Zarc is put up against the Magic World User Akeboshi Sei'ei. Zarc then cross with the man they met before, with both only glaring into each other's eye. Regardless of this, Zarc continued to the stadium.

It is revealed that, Sei'ei changed from Magic World to Star Dragon World. But that, however, does not surprise Zarc. Instead, Zarc is surprised as how will she make use of Star Dragon World with her buddy, and questioned Sei'ei. To which she simply replied that her buddy has became a Neodragon.

During the match, Sei'ei gets to go first, and does not waste it by dealing 3 damage. Zarc, however, counterattacking with the Purgatory Knights' assault instantly bring Sei'ei down to 4 life. Sei'ei then started her Crossnize frenzy, and assaulted Zarc with the extremely armed "Future Starlight, Virgini Casta", as he only dodged only once, he takes damage worth 3 points. The attack also blasted off Zarc's visor and unveil him, revealing his identity to the public.

Standing unfazed, Kai greets Sei'ei like nothing happened, and asked Sei'ei if she's ready for the Final Phase or not. To which she answered yes and she will, as she declared the word and casted her obtained "Radiant Punisher!!" She then asked Kai that can he take this head-on. Kai, standing smiling, said "Counter Final", his expression became darker as he coldly declared "Distortion Punisher!!"

After the match, Kai crossed with the man from before, this time, Kai converts only a little bit to him. As they walked off.


Future/Disaster Force: Kai may use Future/Disaster Force, but his hair does not grows longer. He only emits White-Blue aura using the Future Force, and Black-Red aura using the Disaster Force.

Fighting Skill: Kai has a fighting skill, although not as proficient as Tsukomo Yasagatsu. Instead, Kai is a cunning weapon user, especially when using Polearm and Dual Wielding Swords.

Singing: Kai is a notable singer. But he just cannot use musical instrumental.

(Dark) Buddy Skill: Kai's Buddy Skill is a black chestplate.



Kai uses a Dragon World Deck, but use the flag "Random World" to be able to use "Dual Weapon". Kai's playstyle involves heavily protecting his "Purgatory Knights, Death Sickle Dragon" to continually use [Double Attack] with 9000 Power.

After his fight against Tasuku Ryuenji, he received the Impact "Gargantua Punisher!!" and "Dragonic Punisher".

"Prideful stance, unyielding resolve, ancient powers. The three combination! Luminize! Arrmordragons!"

Flag: Random World

Purgatory Knights

While working for Disaster, with the deal he made with Kyoya, Kai, or rather "Zarc", used a Darkness Dragon World Deck that Purgatory Knight used. But with some modifications.

Kai created the Impact "Demonic Punisher!!" and "Final Death Punisher!!", and added them into this deck.

"To protect their beloved homeland, they accept the curse with grace. Dark Luminize. Purgatory Knights."
Purgatory Knights
Flag: Darkness Dragon World

Purgatory Armor Overlord
Flag: Random World